Name (Normal Mode): Alex K. Tatsukawa

Name (Scarlet Mode): Alex K. Tatsuhara

Nicknames: Alex Kuro, SirDecay

Age: Around 15 - 16

Species: Humanoid

Date of Birth: 10/28/2003


Like the rest of the crew, Alex is one of those many teens with a huge heart for Cave Story and other works made by Studio Pixel. He is considered to be "#2" in the group, since Victor trusts him more than Piyo and Serif. Alex also has a habit of smoking cigars, although he tries to keep it a secret from most people, especially his strict family. Victor is the one who provides him cigars, but they are usually given to him after he completes a task for their plan.

Despite being an average teen, Alex always wants to try his best to restore peace in the CS community, for the sake of giving Pixel the support he truly deserves.