NOTE: The following guide is for people who are confused or very new to this Cave Story fangame. IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THE GAME FOR THE FIRST TIME WITHOUT KNOWING THE BASICS, THEN PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER READING THIS.

Edgelord Story For Dummies: The Info for Newcomers.

So... It seems like some of you have some questions about this edgy and bizzare RPG. Although I won't go through all of the questions about this. I'm still going to go over SOME questions about this game, such as "What features does this game have?" or "Is this game inspired by this or that?" for this little "manuel" or guide to these newcomers.

Question #1: Are there any features that try to make this RPG a bit different?

Answer: Yes, yes there are. There are plugins for this, such as an ATB plugin and a sideview battle system.

Question #2: Is this game for kids?

Answer: NO, Absolutely NOT! Unless if they are actually 13 and up, THEY MUST REFRAIN FROM PLAYING THIS GAME. I don't want any soccer moms or even COPPA to screw me over for this game since it has violence and gore, swearing, and even use of shit like ALCOHOL.

Question #4: Is this game some Undertale rip-off?

Answer: NO. Just. Fucking. NO. Although I'm sure this game may be only 5% inspired by UT, THIS IS NOT AN UNDERTALE-STYLIZED GAME! In fact, there's no fucking Genocide or Pacifist endings. The amount of enemies you kill doesn't even affect this game at all. Edgelord Story is inspired by games such as OFF, Rave Story 2 (another Cave Story fangame), and even Cave Story itself, duh.